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Marie Kondo’s, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, sparked a world-wide trend that freed people from the clutter – and unhappiness – of their homes.  Wardrobes were pared back to capsule collections and home offices became a thing of Instagram before and after beauty as personal and household items were rejected for failing to “spark joy”.

Ridding ourselves of what we no longer need has many positive, lifechanging effects.  It gives us more time (there’s less to upkeep), more money (new purchases are made discerningly and savings can be invested elsewhere) and increased happiness (what home that’s spacious, uncluttered and visually soothing isn’t a joy to be in?).

The increase in property subdivisions throughout Melbourne coincides with our desire to live a more comfortable, less complicated life, while improving our lifestyle and financial position. 

Subdividing can fund major renovations, a new build, an overdue holiday or a comfortable retirement. Or, you might want to finally splash out on the dream car been on your wish-list for far too long. 

For home owners Carolyn and Mark, engaging Backyard Buyers meant subdividing their Melbourne property and building two new dream homes, one of which is currently tenanted and will be a sound nest egg for the future.

Carolyn says, “We started the process on our own, but we had an irregular shaped block. We’d had someone else say we’d fit three homes on our property, but it all felt a bit vague, and we didn’t want to come up against red flags from council later. Turns out three builds would never have fit – to engage Kathy was worth every cent.”

At first glance, subdividing your Melbourne backyard might seem as straightforward as emptying the contents of your home on your front lawn and getting rid of 90% of it, but it can come with unexpected obstacles and hurdles, stress and heartache. Council red-tape, the frustration of managing multiple trades, plus blown out time-frames and budgets.

My advice? Call in an expert before you find yourself waist-deep in subdivision swamp. 

“I didn’t know how we would have been able to get through the obstacles without Kathy. She had the confidence and experience needed to get things through council. She was able to make some of the stressful decisions for us, and followed up with council diligently. She organised trades, was great at time management, and kept the project going in the right direction.”

Backyard Buyers helps clients cut through red tape so they can maximise their investment and access the financial freedom that’s tied up in their backyard. 

After moving into her new home Carolyn told me “It’s such a special place because we were able to be involved in the design process. We were involved at every point; the design, selecting brick colour, choosing our kitchen benchtops. I’m so excited about having a dishwasher for the first time!”

“Subdividing our Melbourne property has most definitely helped us get ahead financially. We have great new tenants in our second home, and I love what we have built together.”

Joy: sparked.  

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