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Below are a number of the most common questions we are asked. However, if your question is not answered here please contact us.

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Subdivision FAQs

What is subdivision?

Subdivision is the process of creating individual titles for land parcels, units, apartments, shops, commercial and industrial buildings, to enable their separate sale.

Can my property be subdivided?

Backyard Buyers will conduct a free initial assessment of your property to establish whether it will comply with the local planning scheme  requirements for subdivision.

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How long does the subdivision process take?

The subdivision process is a stage by stage process.

Stage 1: This is the initial stage where Backyard Buyers will research and evaluate the subdivision potential of your backyard. This stage takes approximately 1 month.

Stage 2: If it is feasible to subdivide and purchase your backyard, then Backyard Buyers will make you an offer to buy your backyard. This stage take approximately 1-3 months.

Stage 3: If you accept Backyard Buyers’ offer, we will enter into a contract and Backyard Buyers will complete all of the works in order to subdivide your property.

Stage 4: Upon completion of the subdivision, Backyard Buyers will pay you the agreed sum offered.

Is Backyard Buyers experienced in the subdivision process?

Backyard Buyers has over 15 years experience in the industry, the team is made up of Town Planners, Architects, Engineers and Project facilitators. The team at Backyard Buyers is dedicated in assisting our clients to realise their goals with confidence.

Does Backyard Buyers project manage subdivisions?

Backyard Buyers take the hassle out of subdividing your backyard by facilitating this process on your behalf. With industry knowledge and established contacts, we are able to successfully project manage subdivisions for clients.

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Costs FAQs

What's the catch?

The catch is you provide the property, we unlock the potential in your property for subdivision and then organize payment of your backyard/front yard at settlement.

How much do we get for our backyard?

Prices are based on individual properties, depending on the size, location, geographical features and market trends.

How long does it take before we get paid for our backyard?

This is dependent on how quickly your Council works but on average you can expect to be paid within 6 to 12 months. If there are any objections from your neighbours, this time frame can be extended to be up to 18 months.

Do we have to pay for any costs?

No. Backyard Buyers pay for all development costs, except for your conveyancer’s costs at settlement.

What if we change our mind and decide we do not want to sell our backyard after you have forwarded town planning application?

If you decide that you do not want to sell your backyard after we have forwarded town planning applications, you will be legally liable to pay for all costs incurred. However, if you do not change your mind, you pay nothing.

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