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Backyard Buyers Subdivide Land Caulfield

We pay cash for backyards so you can live mortgage free, no risk, no fuss!

What we do for you.

Request a free evaluation to discover how much your backyard is worth. Get paid on property settlement.

subdivide land caulfield

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Buy My Backyard

First we research and evaluate your property and determine its suitability for subdivision.

Second, Backyard Buyers makes you an offer.

Finally, on settlement you are paid for your backyard.

Build My Dream Home

Don’t want cash for your Backyard? Prefer a new house on your land?

Ask us how we can make this happen for you. A new house in lieu of cash for backyards is becoming a more favourable option for our clients and has been very successful.

Project Management

Expanding your property portfolio?

With our town planning experience and knowledge of individual council requirements, all our projects are completed in an efficient timeframe, saving you time and money!

It’s In Your Backyard!

For some Melbourne property owners, we build new homes on existing sites so they can be in their dream home faster, in the same location they love, without needing to mastermind or fund or manage a full-scale renovation.

For others, we eliminate the stress of blown-out budgets and escalating time-frames that can catch many a first-timer by surprise.
subdivide land caulfield

The experience of selling my backyard has changed my life.

We had to have our home revalued after the subdivision and we were very surprised to find that the valuation actually went up.

Kathy’s attention to detail, her understanding, drive, patience and passion were the key elements and the difference that made this project successful.

How much cash is buried in your backyard?

Request a risk-free subdivision analysis and subdivide land Caulfield!

subdivide land caulfield

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