Subdividing Property

Are you interested in subdividing property or your backyard?

With over 20 years experience in subdivision, Backyard Buyers specialise in assisting home owners to subdivide their property and build and develop on their land.

All subdivision builds are custom designed by Backyard Buyers to suit your individual requirements in order to create the ideal subdivision for your land and achieve maximum return.

Our Process:

  1. Site assessment and evaluation:
    We check the relevant Planning Scheme to evaluate and confirm your property’s eligibility for subdivision.
  2. Understand client goals and requirements:
    Backyard Buyers believe it is important that your subdivision achieves your goals. For you, this could mean the end product is your primary place of residence, a property you can sell for profit or a rental property.
  3. Design:
    All developments are individually designed to physical land constraints, council regulations and client goals.

We consider all factors such as the likelihood of successful Town Planning approval, budget, existing easements and overlays that may affect your property. This is done to accurately assess and advise you of the best way to optimise your land.

We manage the entire subdivision process from start to completion, including the build if this is part of your goals and requirements.