Dual Occupancy Specialists

Dual Occupancy construction and subdivision is our speciality and this expertise provides our clients with the opportunity to turn their unused backyard into cash.

Many home owners have backyards that are no longer being used like they used to be. Potential profits are usually sitting literally in your unused backyard.

We have completed many successful Dual Occupancy builds in our clients’ backyards over the years.

With Dual Occupancy subdivision and builds, our team at Backyard Buyers make this seemingly daunting process a stress free process.

All stages of the Dual Occupancy process, including the build, are professionally managed by our team on your behalf.

If you are thinking about a Dual Occupancy on your property feel free to contact us to see where we can assist you with no obligation required by you.

If you are considering Dual Occupancy, call us now to discuss the possibilities on 1300 575 828 or email at info@backyardbuyers.com.au