Backyard Buyers was formed by Kathy van’t Foort in 2009 after going through the process of subdividing the backyard of her own investment property.

“Subdividing the backyard on our investment property was without a doubt a smart move. As a result of subdividing our backyard, I was able to pay a good chunk off our principal mortgage, pay cash for a new family car, and have some spending money… the experience was amazing.”

Having grown the business from concept to start-up, Kathy now manages her successful company from Melbourne.

Backyard Buyers was established to help regular mum’s and dad’s convert their unused backyards to cash, to help pay off their never ending mortgage, top up retirement funds, help pay school fees, add to their property portfolio, buy the much needed new car and go on that dream holiday, or, to free up some cash to help your kids with the purchase of their first home.

Backyard Buyers has continued to grow because we are creative and flexible. Our approach is to assist people in realising their individual dreams become a reality.

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